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    incorrect user name or password

    Bought the game,installed and when i try to log in it says incorrect user name or password.Any idea?

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    Same situation except I was able to get on before the wipe and this morning. Bad lag and a dc convinced me to wait until later to reconnect and now I can't log into the patcher.

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    It just now started doing that to a few of our guys all of a sudden, and we have been logging in and out all day.

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    I'm having the same issue. Logged in a few times.. now it says Incorrect User Name when trying to use the launcher

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    it is doing this as well to me and this bug was fixed about 6 months ago

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    every1 is it seems. patcher down! servers down!

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    User name error is happening to me too

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    some people have this and others dont, what gives

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    seems like an announcement that the patch server is down / is going down, is exactly what the Announcements section of the forum is for. However last thing there is the servers coming up this morning.

    Interestingly enough I CAN connect to the European server, and my character i made at about 8am PST this morning on the US server is there. Are the servers supposed to match like that?

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