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    Anyone able to stay ingame for more than 2 seconds

    I crash after no more than 5 seconds tops. Most times it is almost instant though?

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    Yeah, I'm in until the server goes down.

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    I've had issues all day. Really worried about tomorrow. Who in their right mind will place their totem and log out, without at least coming back on to check regularly, when we don't know if the data will save correctly the first time?

    It's gonna be a mess. I hope we can ride it out.

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    Nope. Keep getting these errors in crash log:

    ERROR: SymGetLineFromAddr64, GetLastError: 487 (Address: 4FE759C2)
    4FE759C2 (d3d9): (filename not available): Direct3DShaderValidatorCreate9

    Bug forums shows a number of people with the same issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrwooj View Post
    I crash after no more than 5 seconds tops. Most times it is almost instant though?
    Check the bug section of the forum, a number of people report crashes as soon as they enter the game world. I can't get into game too.

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    My two actual crashes were similar. Since then I've just been getting random disconnects even with 31ms ping.
    Takes forever for the server to catch a clue and time me out so I can relog.

    Earlier, the US and EU servers seemed to have different xsyon.exe binaries. I crashed with the US one, but didn't after I switched to EU patcher and got that xsyon.exe version. Dunno if its still the same way.


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    correct i tried to log on to US server it told me i had wrong went to euro server and got right in,,but was not in same area that i got kicked out of,, close but not same... but it was night and i cant see to well at night even in real

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    stayed in for 30 mins then logged off on purpose.

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    Yeah, I had a guild member join the guild, the server stayed up for a while, we both logged out. Now when I logged back in, I'm 200m from the spawn point (I was running to meet the guy) and he's not in my guild now. He's a Euro so he's asleep by now with no way to get hold of him and add him before tomorrow. So now, the Clan is going to be a Band. Lovely.

    On the bright side, 2 of us would have bought second accounts to make a total of 10 (we had 8 if my friend's invite had 'stuck') So I guess we saved some money and the rollback literally cost them 2 accounts.

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