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    how is navigavion supposed to work?

    All locations in game seem to be defined by 4 numbers <zone#> x/y/z. I get how the x/y/z works its a simple coordinate system, but how do you effectively navigate from one zone to the other?

    I tried using just the XYZ coords (assuming that the coord system was world wide) of my perspective new tribe but that lead me to the middle of the lake. But changing zones doesn't seem reset any of the coord counters. Best I can tell the 2 location system (zone and XYZ) aren't related to each other in any obvious ore meaningful way?

    I'm not complaining in fact part of me actually likes the difficulty I'm having with navigation, it adds to the feel of a unknown and trackless wilderness. But if I'm missing something obvious I would like to know.

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    I have read:
    Prelude Talk/Sticky: Compiled List of Helpful Forum Posts/How to get around in Xsyon by Willbonney

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    <zone #> x,y(if theres a use for Z i haven't found it.)

    when X goes up your moving east, when X goes down your moving west.

    when Y goes up your moving north, when Y goes down your moving south.

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    The first number is your zone

    the next set of numbers are your position within that zone.

    Example Pos: 500 | 50 | 422

    The first number 500 represents east and west, make the number go down and you are heading west, make it go up and you are heading east.

    The second number is your north and south, make the number go down and you are heading south, make it go up and you are heading north.

    The third number is your elevation, that should be self explanitory.

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