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    BarterTown Xsyon fanpage/news/info

    gone in 60s

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    If I remeber you had on your site a countdown clock for the server wipe and restart or was that another site? how much time do you plan to spend on your site page and what new features you plan to add in order to make you fan site stand out?

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    great site keep up the good work

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    Yes and there is still countdown clock on final start, I will be updating the site regulary daily with everything related Xsyon. How much time i will spend on it, the answer would be a lot, i have bought the domain specificaly for Xsyon, already by doing that should give you an idea i mean serious.

    For now its only me working on Website and il do my Best to keep it updated, i am EU based so i might be late on US timezone realised info but i doubt it, im retired so planty of free time.

    What i plan further on is to publish player made short and long storys, political disscusion and so on.

    Thank you wulvgar.

  5. 03-11-2011, 07:56 PM

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    Small bump

    Website now on Xsyon server time

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    Bumpage Visit the site for news.

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    Site looks sick. Having a popular news hub that is player-driven adds a lot to the game. Thanks for spending your time and effort on this, sreckokovac!

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    Thank you

    Il keep it updated

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    New bumpage on front page, added a lot more info on the site so feel free to browse or send me any material you want published

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    Finished updating website with new look enjoy.

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