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    New craft system...can craft...

    Anyone else notice with the new system you cant craft anything out of yer 25 yer weapons craft..if yer not one theres 0 items.
    Aside from using lvl up points and HOPING you open it up like hats with Tailor and LC...what will ya get on Weapon..havent even checked mason or wood....

    With zero on wep....if I spend all my points on levelin it and get Pick...ill freak....whole reason you gave us reroll...

    What gave you the idea to get rid of, at least on bit for a player to mess outside of the box?

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    I didn't start any skill with absolutely zero recipes. But I have my stats very crafter oriented, I wonder if that matters? I agree it really sucks for anyone who didn't get at least one recipe in everything, though.

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    I got recipes in every craft.

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    As did I...not all that useful, but still

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    I got an "S" load of recipes on first try. Re-roll and see what happens.

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    I started with nothing in weapon crafting.. so i rerolled now i have things in everything like before... i guess its a new bug..

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    2 shitty weapons here and very few basic bone ones. Maybe they will show up once you put some skill points into it? I'll try with my next level to spend 10 points on weapons crafting and see what happens.

    I like how this game makes you explore everything, including basics like this one

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