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    30 minutes till Totem drop

    Are we going to have a server restart and or small patch we have to download prior to logging in? Just want to make sure and be ready!

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    Yeah, In-game the devs just said they are taking down the server, there will be a small patch and it will be up in 25mins.

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    Server is going down now.

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    Just got asked to log out due to an update and server restart - server will be back up at 9:00

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    Thanks guys, at least i will know not to have the 2nd login up and have a patch to download.

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    This is exciting

    So what's all this talk/concern about tribes and junk piles? Sorry I don't know too much about the game just yet.

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    Can't wait! Just hope lag will be the only problem, and no glitches/crashing.

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    /me watches the seconds tick buy..............

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