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    unable to connect to xsyon patch server

    10 minutes before launch......oh oh?
    edit, 8 minutes and none of my accounts can log in, maybe this is intentional?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirt View Post
    10 minutes before launch......oh oh?
    LOL doom and gloom!

    Ever thought they might need to update the patch server in PREPARATION for the next stage.

    Some people are just dim...

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    nope, never thought that, must be dim. Fuckwad.

    Added after 7 minutes:

    Yep, unable to create a file on launcher at 9:01.
    cant log in to patcher, error:cannot create a file. wow. whos got my land?
    9:08 a.m. cant login. cant drop pole, need a tissue.
    9:17, cannot create a file. am looking for maelwydd instead.

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    Dont be a mook, servers were up fine, he said he was taking them down for patching. The login server went down first while alot of use were still ingame, so no wonder you thought it was fubard from the start.

    Either way its still not up yet - gah!!!

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    I just bought the game like 5 minutes ago and am getting the same problem. Are the servers down atm? I'm really really anxious to play XD

    Edit: Never mind... It just connected XD Way to make me a liar game!

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