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    Lets get it on!!

    Allow 12 hours for totem placement and then start the game !!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by silverhaze View Post
    Allow 12 hours for totem placement and then start the game !!!!
    ^ I agree - 12 hours is enough i think, heck even 18 hours is enough

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    Heck 8hrs is long enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xidian View Post
    Heck 8hrs is long enough.
    ^ Actually true.

    All the most important and sort after places will be gone within the first few hours anyway.

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    mmmm...two hours should be plenty. LETZ GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!!!

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    More like the first few minutes. Patch, damn you, patch!
    It seems I've singed a troll or two too many with my trusty flamethrower, and now hark! The ban hammer hovereth. Troll me more, and I'll see it falls on your head and not on mine, by the power of the report post button.

    On a side note, I'm sorta cranky, but I love you all anyway!

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    Get everyone in your neighborhood to turn on their washing machines and flush their toilets at the same time then go call the water company and bitch about your water pressure.

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