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    How large is a 'clan'

    So my guild fought the server crashes and everything last night. We managed to get 19 players in the guild (wonderful system only letting one person invite before the totem gets place by the way) and we've got our 'clan'

    Well. I heard that bands are only slightly larger than homesteads. I'm wondering how much land a 'clan' gets then. Slightly larger than band? Slightly smaller than tribe? Just wondering D=

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    Same, my guild has 11 members in the tribe but we have like 9 more people in the guild and not dealing with the launch problems.

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    Max radius is supposedly 125 for a clan and 75 for a band at full size. I don't know many it takes to be full size, but if you're 1 member short of the next higher tribe type you should be well over that amount.

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