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    Project Havok

    Project Havok is looking for some more people so that basically we can build up a city. Or a town. We arent really that picky when it comes to what kind of settlement we'll make. We honestly just want to make a city then have a combination of economic and combative players. We are pretty laid back and hopefully we'll have enough people by server up to make a town and then prosper and shit. Post here if your down to join, or post to troll. Its cool.

    Also we do have a ventrilo server. If your interested in joining and you want to talk to us about shit go ahead and throw me a message and ill give you the info.

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    Re:Project Havok

    Awesome, I like the whole laid back thing, was looking for a clan like this, I'm a good player, but dislike strict guilds, I'm in.

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    Re:Project Havok

    Hmm sounds pretty good, I'll join

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    Re:Project Havok

    Hmm, well your Grammar is top-notch so I say *adjusts monocle* i suppose i could join the "Project Havok"

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    Re:Project Havok

    Killobear. You will always have a place in PH. You fucking douchebag.

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    Re:Project Havok

    i harvest crops nao?

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    Re:Project Havok

    i <3 you.

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    Re:Project Havok

    What is Project Havok's policy on good/bad stuff?

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    Re:Project Havok

    As i said before. We are not a strict guild. BUT we dont want people to get a bad reputation. Just be a chill. And youll totally be awsome.

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