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    Forum timeouts ... Bandwidth?

    Anyone else getting timeouts?

    Doesn't seem like there are that many people on the forum (I'm only seeing about 550 viewing, per the forum counter). Is this possibly related to other bandwidth issues? Or is the forum on a completely separate route/line?

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    Same here. Have to hit the back button then click the link again like twice sometimes

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    oh. 10 chars needed Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees then

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    Same here, get 402 error now and then...

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    Bandwidth issue was supposed to be fixed. No limits on DL, game, board bandwidth. That leaves just severely underpowered servers for everything.

    I somehow doubt we are running on a full rack of Dual Xeon Quad-core blades.


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    Maybe if they deactivate terraforming we can have functional forums?!

    Well at least its kinda conforting to know that if they mage to fix the forum lag, the serverlag ingame prolle goes along with it!

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    It's not a timeout, it's the forum server is taking too long to process stuff.. basically CPU full type of deal

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