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    totem time change

    i don't think its fair that totem placement time is being changed those of us that have already gotten our totems placed should be able to keep the spots we have. i changed plans so i would be able to place the totem at the time posted. let the totems stay in the spot they are in and now if the tribe leader isnt able to be there we cant even log on change leader if we cant make it so that someone else can place which is ridiculous. please save totem spots.

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    Yes, I also managed to place my homestead where I wanted it to be, and to be able to do that, I changed my real life schedule to be at home at that time. Now with the new totem placement time change, I won't be able to be there till tomorrow, which really sucks.

    I know that if things need a fix, we must accept whatever decision is made, but it is a bit sad, I was very excited today but this just sadden me a bit. I will have to find a new place, probably very hard because I will be able to log again on sunday and there won't be lot of good places anymore. I wish you all good luck!

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    He can't keep the totem placements.

    Well...he could keep them, but then we'd all be stuck with the homestead size land forever.

    You see, because the land sizes are messed up, it allowed tribes/clans/bands to be made too close to one another than would normally have been allowed if the land sizes were correct. He can't fix the land size problem without wiping out all existing totems, or there is the potential for land overlapping that would piss people off or break the server code. LOL

    It sucks for those who managed to grab a sweet spot, but it's the right (and only) thing to do to fix the game going forward.

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    I for one, say thankyou. Thankyou very much.

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    This is one sick joke.

    Impress the fuck out of me Jooky in the next 2 months. I hope you do.

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    Screwed out of a legitimately placed totem twice (18th and today)... nice.

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    Sorry, I had to post this from another thread. I think it fits this situation. Cracks me up

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    The fact that only the GL can invite people/place totems and you need 20 members to get the land you need and you can NEVER upgrade from clan to tribe... and now this stuff. Xsyon's devs are some serious trolls.

    As a guildie of mine said 'this game teases me more than most women.'

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    Looks like ill be staying up even longer all night....1am was the initial placement...i got the place i wanted..just - didnt want a hermit to get my spot. Now im dead tired, and gotta wait again and race to get it. Gah, more coffee for me i see .

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    yea i changed rl plans for tonight and now i wont be able to place the totem and i will lose my spot because i have to do tonight what i was suppose to do today after getting the spot i wanted at the time planned i'm not the slightest bit impressed.

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