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    a ritzy section of palm coast FLA

    Smile hello from Central Fla!

    I was looking for a new game similar to ATITD where one could explore , build a home locations and craft and found this! this has all the community and crafting aspects from ATITD but with the added PVP and PVE, and less complexity on the crafting side, i was hooked right away.
    This has a "Live off the land" and make your own way kinda feel to it. i'm expecting the bater system that will evolve will be similar to ATITD as well. perhaps with its own eventual currency, but if not, barter works fine.
    after raeading about it and watching a few youtube videos, i signed up within an hour. i'm already in a tribe of six folks of various ages and despite the recent totem issues and lag, i'm expecting this game to do quite well. beginnings are always the hardest times in games and otherwise.

    it looks as though i'll be a hunter/fisher with some bonecrafting skill and some blade skills. seems like a good mix. stop by the 780 zone if ya wanna say hi and see roberto if ya wanna join the tribe =D

    well...just one more hour till we redo the totem placement. good luck , yall!


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    welcome to xyson

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    Welcome to the community. C u ingame

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    Welcome another Floridian!

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