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    Incorrect version error

    I've started getting a 'cannot connect, incorrect version error'

    I just updated the patch, with the 2mb file.

    is anyone else having this problem? do you have a solution?

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    I`m getting it too I wouldn`t worry about it yet probably more to update.

    Edit- Getting server offline now

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    Yep, he probably has patched the server and not the client or vice versa.

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    Aye, same here. I imagine there will be another quick patch when we get to log on in a little while.

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    Should be up in 30 minutes if all goes according to the new plan.

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    i got the same message but found what caused it....i think. you have to log in twice. once at the sign in that says patch, and again after that. if you leave that second sign in window open while fixes are going on (like the first totem time this morning) , it tells you it's the wrong version. when i closed both windows and opened them up again, the issue was gone. i think this is because i simply needed to patch the game update. if that makes sense.

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