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    tribe totems working

    Totems are working - confirmed by Mihr and Virtus in game. If you cant place its just lag. click create and dont move for 10 minutes or until the totem appears.

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    The "dont move for 10 minutes or until the totem appears." gives me great concern for the future stability of this server. :S

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    I connected for about 15 seconds to check the ping. It was 400-900ms. Serious problem.

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    I got in right as the server turned on, so I placed my totem in 0 lag. Then it all came.

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    Took me 15 second to place my totem. But ping is terrible at times and there is lag present.

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    And the prize for understatement of the year goes to.....!

    Quote Originally Posted by Plague View Post
    there is lag present.

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