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Thread: Thank You Devs

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    Thank You Devs

    I just want to say thank you for a wonderful game

    And I would like to congratulate and applaud you for your hard work

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    Yes good job !!! to the devssss
    It was a hard long day for alot of people and finally managed it.

    Thanks for the amazing work!

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    TGM has all primary spots thank you ^_^

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    I thank you on behalf of pandemic good job devs!

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    Agreed - TY Xyson - all primary TGM sites won - guess third time really is a charm!

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    Yeah thank you Devs, GOOD JOB DEVS!

    All those tears I cried earlier because some meanies stole my spots have now reversed back into in my eyes.

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    Here's to a great evening's entertainment lads. Well done, all round.

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    Thumbs up

    Ya deves, I am wringing out my tear soaked teeshirt and pantaloons and pouring every last tear I QQed back into mine sparkley carebear eyes.

    Wee Weee wooooo!

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    Thankyou Dev's, i laughed , i cried.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirt View Post
    Thankyou Dev's, i laughed , i cried.
    Have to do this, please dont take it the wrong way:

    3 accounts - $120

    "Faster than a rocket" internet - $100

    Taking a day of work - $30

    Getting a rollback...PRICELESS

    For everything else, there's MasterCard

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