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    List of Suggestions

    Character Creation
    -Add tooltips on mouse-over to Attributes to indicate the affected Skills
    -Add tooltips on mouse-over to Skills to indicate which Attributes affect it and give a brief explanation and recommended secondary Crafting/Gathering skills.
    -Add sliders to character customization options, such as skin tones.
    -Add color options for starter clothing.
    -Additional Faces - Racial/Ethnic representation in additional 'Head' options for both male and female, currently facial structures are predominently caucasian in design and art style.

    Menus and Panes
    -Add Interface Options menu
    -Scroll bars (in addition to arrows) for 'Attributes' Pane, 'Skills' Pane, 'Chat' Pane etc.
    -Add Transparency, Lock Frame and Resize options to menus and panes.
    -Add GUI resize option to Interface Options menu(reducing the overall impact of the GUI on your field of vision).

    -Add customization to Combat Reticule (Crosshair) in Interface Options menu, with options for color and size adjustment.
    -Chat Options - Filter Options for General, Whisper etc.
    -Add /command function that displays all chat commands to include basic /s for 'General' and /w for 'Whisper'.
    -Add /t [Talk] channel for talking in close proximity 1-20 meters.
    -Add /y [Yell] channel for talking in medium proximity 1-50 meters.
    -Add an option in Interface Menu called 'Sticky Chat' which allows you to customize which channels stick (become default) when you use them. Right now all channels are 'sticky'.
    -Add options for changing chat window appearance (background color and opacity) and text appearance (size, possibly font options and color).

    HUD (HP, Energy, Hunger etc.)
    -Color indication of vital statistics deterioration: i.e. 50% light green, 40% yellow, 30% orange, 20% red orange 10% red.
    -Percentage remaining on mouse over.

    -Tribe Totem coordinate location listed in Tribe menu.
    -Increase Tribe Totem interaction distance by 50%.

    Compass and Coordinates
    -In addition to coordinates add a North, South, West, East directional compass.
    -Add distance to Tribe Totem near coordinates pane.

    -Add tooltips to Inventory slot items, to indicate what type of item goes into each slot.
    -Add functionality so that when an item is dragged onto the paper doll it goes into the appropriate inventory slot.
    -Do not mirror the avatar's actions on the paperdoll in the inventory screen, currently when the avatar lays down the paperdoll does as well.

    -Add higher resolution artwork to the login screen and loading screen.
    -Darken some of the textures for irises, currently they all look faded.

    Loading Screen
    -Add multiple high resolution pictures to the loading screen
    -Replace textual loading information with a loading bar animation, or retain the text and add the animation in addition to the text.

    -Add an In Game tutorial system (optionally disabled in the Interface Options menu). Giving a brief overview of the game (FFA Loot, PvP, etc) and introducing new players to functions, abilities and menus via tooltips or an interactive set of instructions. This could be done using an in game journal with helpful hints and instructions.

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    Can a moderator move this to Tweaks and Suggestions, I did not see that forum until today.

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    Agree to everything above ^^

    Good suggestions m8, and lets hope the devs are willing to use our humble suggestions

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