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Thread: Turn stuff on!

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    Turn stuff on!

    yea i know their alot of u angry cuz u didnt get that grand o spot. guess wat mine was taken also. So i live in the mountains now and will hike my stuff back. Jooky please turn the ingame stuff on. 3 days till launch u need this stuff on to fix any other issies and atm is the best time to do it. and Would make alot of us happy and glady deal withe the server up n downs :-).

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    Please, for the love of whatever is good, let them get the more important issues straightened out first, and then maybe get some sleep before they have to deal with turning stuff on!

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    Lag and server has been fairly good for me for the past few hours - i say turn a few things on then continue to test the server lag etc.

    If everything continues to run smoothly, or you fix the lag that comes with opening a few more features then open the next set - maybe 3 at a time etc.

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    I would rather have laggy server with periodic downtimes and gathering and crafting on then stable server with nothing to do. Turn it on please.

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    Yes please , turn some things on and let us actually " play " . Better to find out what isn't working " Sooner " than later .

    Even if you only enable gathering and crafting for now , and leave terraforming off ........ just for the love of our " SANITY " let us do things

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    Ive done enough fish/forg and full backpacks - turn gathering and at least basketry on so we can make storage and gather and be ready for release .

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    It only seems fair to turn on some basic stuff like resource gathering and crafting, just to give people something to do?


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    Are they suppose to turn stuff on today? I read a post in announcements from the horses lips. It went something like this.

    Day 1: Form tribes
    Day 2: Plant totem
    Day 3: Turn stuff on

    Where did that go?

    I am going to have to start screenshotting posts from the people in charge around here. Nice to have those things for when your trying to provide information before a judge.

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    Ok 3:00 PST you turn stuff on. All in favor say AY. Ay! Motion granted, next item.

  11. 03-12-2011, 04:10 AM

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