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Thread: Vamesis Tribe

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    Vamesis Tribe

    The DR alliance is opening its new chapter on Xsyon and is now looking for swords to follow the great commander roo virtus, and only those with the will strong enough to follow under his banner will be considered valuable enough to join.

    The DR alliance is widely known as the best player skilled alliance on Darkfall ever since the addition of our new alliance guilds, EB, 420, and Awful Company.

    We are looking for more roleplay Pkers to join us on our quest to destroy the non believers, those who do not believe in the power of Roo's sweeping polearm of legends. If you want to join, you must devote yourself fully to the alliance and be ready to sacrifice some of your real life time (take days off work for raids, etc.). You must be able to roleplay well, and you must be a great pvper like those in EB, 420, and Awful Company.

    We don't accept scrubs. Anyone who wants to join please PM me or Keno here on the forums.

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    Re:Vamesis Tribe

    Comrade, might I suggest you clean up your recruitment post so that these contradictions...

    [quote]best player skilled alliance on Darkfall[/quote]

    [quote]Darkfall...Awful Company...We don't accept scrubs. [/quote]

    do not sully your otherwise fabulous post?

    Thanks in advance,

    Anton Slavik

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    Re:Vamesis Tribe

    another evil tribe coming up huh...this should be interesting though i most likely won't join because i can tell that your crappy video was faked... especially that last part...

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    Re:Vamesis Tribe

    Another wtf gank squad i see. Maybe Jadiza is right.

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    Re:Vamesis Tribe

    Is this Mod/Admin virtus on an alt account or a troll attempt? I'm not entirely sure.

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    Re:Vamesis Tribe

    omg THE Roo Virtus is goign to play Xsyon

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    Re:Vamesis Tribe

    lololololol coming to zerg another game, LOOK OUT HYPERION

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    Re:Vamesis Tribe

    lol vampesis

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    Re:Vamesis Tribe

    Its not virtus. This is a "clan" in darkfall.

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    Re:Vamesis Tribe

    [b]shadowlz wrote:[/b]
    [quote]Another wtf gank squad i see. Maybe Jadiza is right.[/quote]

    I'm telling you. Every day there's another one.

    Bye-bye sandbox and hello thunderdome.....

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