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    Pandemic Tribe Leaving TGM

    Dear community,

    Pandemic tribe is announcing that we will be cutting ties with TGM.
    Unfortunatly I can't go into details.



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    Say what? No really. What do you mean you can't go into details. The internet, which is a series of tubes, openly promotes people saying whatever the @%&! they want. Have a forum troll post the reason...isn't there a NEWSPAPER or something that you could have break the story?

    Does this makes totally not unexpected defection take the TGM alliance down to just Fallen Lor... i mean Funraku?

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    Good Luck in your future endeavours Pandemic.

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    @Atmos lol

    @hopibear- Good decision on your part, you guys seem way to intelligent to be in that group, so good move and good luck.

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    [QUOTE=Monfols;62446]What are you retarded or something?
    They were the cause the TGM alliance looked bad and now they are leaving before the ship really sinks.
    It is weak but nobody would expect anything else then that from pandemic.[/QUOTE]

    Now no need to flame, man. I don't expect everybody to like us Pandemics but there is no need to question someone's intelligence just because you don't agree with their view. We just wanted to let people know we were cutting ties with TGM and Fu. Take it as you will ^^.

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    Woah, this was unexpected. Anyways, its a good call by pandemic.

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    Maybe in the coming years, some of the stigma from being in that alliance will wash off.


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    Nice move I would say. See you in game neighbours.

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    First thing Pandemic's done in a while that's made sense. Even if I don't like many people connected to Pandemic, you sure look like geniuses next to Furanku, who is oddly quiet about this :P

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