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    To Play or Not to Play...

    So from my current knowledge, thursday was tribe day, friday was plant day, and today is GAME DAY. So why does it seem like they won't enable the game til monday?

    March 11 2011 7:45 PM PST

    The server is back up. I will be monitoring closely.

    We are focused on resolving current causes of lag and other recent issues and will keep working on this throughout the weekend.

    I will restart the server as needed to ensure that data is backed up.
    so much for playing this game while on spring break

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    Yeah I've been patient. They have always been good at communication until recently. It's kind of annoying at this point. I would be happy if they would just give us some kind of when the game will be active update.

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    They need to update 2 times a day minimum, i would recommend every few hours. Communication going downhill as game 'launches'..... bad bad Earth Rise memories.... Please don’t go that route.

    And in reality, they got a 2 week alibi. Preorder launch was 2 weeks ago, turned into wipes, beta tests etc... They got their 2 free weeks, I think it’s fair for them to be criticized now. Love the game, pray it makes it. I don’t plan on going anywhere, but like most, patience are wearing thin.

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    Most recent info I've found is from Thursday: "Once characters are settled in, we will turn on actions and the let the game begin!"

    I've got Basketry and I'd very much like to be online when actions are turned on, so that I could craft baskets and offer them to my tribe. I don't think any set number of status updates is needed, but I would very much like to know how long the devs except "characters settling in" still take.

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