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    FPs question in game

    Before the wipe on 10tm march i had a bit low fps sometimes when i was sprinting and the zone was loading .
    Right now after the wipe my game is running very smooth dont know my fps rate but its high no stopping no loading but with lags could it be something to do with that ?
    that something didnt load or soemthing cos before the wipe my pc was having little probs with no lags on the server after the wipe is otherwise smooth game with lags.

    Pls guys keep us posted in the uptades forums about the problems this makes people to calm down when they know whats happpening .
    Updates like server is dont or is up are usless makes things only worse.
    So please keep us posted in a more detailed matter like any other mmo game company does so people want quit after few days if nothing happens

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    Yeah me and my friends have noticed the same, fingers crossed it will stay the way it is atm, however i have a feeling that due to the landscape being completely new again it might be that.

    Fingers crossed when everything turns on it stays the way it is (fps wise )

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