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    Water containers

    Living on mountains is pointless now if you have to run down to get water every 20 minutes. Give us water containers so we can conquer mountain peaks as well.

    Also drinking once is enough to get your thirst down. I never drink 7 times. Please make it realistic as you did with food.

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    well lets see, you have to actually drink alot of water a day if your active, about twelve 8 oz servings a day is around normal water consumpstion, that is 1 1/2 quarts. If your highly active expect to comsume twice that as your spending energy to fight for your life. However the game doesn't take into account how much water you drink from a source in a given click. but you can assume its like 8-16 oz of water if you want to rationalize the amount of clicks it takes to fill up your water gauge.

    I do agree this game needs canteens. I suggest they can be crafted from leather making or maybe you can scavenge an old water bottle from junk heap. the containers themselves wont have much weight compared to the weight of the water inside them. water around weighs 1 fl oz per 1 solid once and given a 16 oz canteen should weigh then slight over 1 lb full. A small 16 oz canteen will give like two drinks. For devs It might be easier just to consider the canteens at always full water weight and not write code for the weight of an empty canteen and a full canteen.

    tribes will need a portable water supply come longer battles and greater travel distances, while not a top priority it still is very important if we want to have some interesting seige warfare where it can come down to which tribe gather a large enough stock pile of supplies in case of hold out tatics where the attackers lack the force to destory walls but have a large enough army to prevent gathering.

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    another possibility is to have a water production thing, like a well... or you dig a hole and rainy water gets in it..

    or you set a sunsail and rainwater runs down in a bottle....

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    this topic comes up every other day, however I'm sure it's just a matter of time before something like this is added.

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    It's been suggested alot.. I like the idea of a random item being salvaged that could be used.. like an old 20 ounce bottle or you might get lucky and find a milk jug...

    I think you could also have a random skin that oculd be used to make a canteen.

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    I had an orange text in game saying that water containers are coming very soon (i asked for canteens) I do like the idea of being able to collect rain water. perhaps this could be an extension of woodworking or something

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