Los Conquistadores, The Conquerors in English, were the vassals of the Spanish crown that conquered and founded settlements all through the Americas, including where the game world takes place. We are taking onto ourselves the Spanish mission and reestablish Spanish rule in the southwestern United States. So, we are to pillage, build alliances, and build our settlement to honor the long forgotten mission.

But enough of the RP

We are recruiting players, from crafters to hardcore PvPers to accomplish:

-Colonize and settle a large area
-PvP....quite a bit
-Make our settlement a hub for Weapons, Armor, and other stuff.
-Become a political power in, or around your mouth-I mean lake Tahoe
-There is no real Rp.....just the ocassional battlecry

We have a ventrilo server available.


Take a joke
Be mature
No roid rage allowed.
Annnnnnnnnnd yeah, that's it.

PM me here, or contact Marius in game.