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    Eye of Serenity are now recruiting

    Hello fellow Xsyon players,

    Eye of Serenity are now looking for new tribe members.

    Do you want to be a master craftsman, to be the best in your profession?
    Are you willing to work your crafting tools until they smulder to bits?
    Are you the diplomatic type that trives in establishing diplomatic\trading relations with other tribes?
    Are you willing to fight to the last man, protecting the tribes members, and its assets?
    Do you want to punish our enemies, drive them from our lands?
    Are you willing to lay down your life protecting our trade caravans and trade routes?
    Will you help us aid our allies in times of need?

    If your answer is yes to one or more of these questions, then Eye of Serenity are the tribe for you.

    Our long term goal are to build the largest, most prosperous trading empire in whole of Xsyon.

    As we aspire to reach that goal we are planning on having as much fun as possible.
    Make new friends, and maybe some enemies along the way.
    Help those who aid us, and smite down our enemies.

    To to this we are in need of all sorts of player types.

    We need crafters to produce items for trade,
    We need architects and builders to build a perfect infrastructure,
    We need soldiers for protection, and for executing rightous vengance upon those foolish enough to threaten our interests, or those of our allies,
    We need diplomats to establish good and solid trade relations.

    - Be good
    - Have fun
    - Help fellow tribe members
    - Help fellow players
    - Fight the evil

    Player Base: World wide

    Motto: "Conquer the world through trade"

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