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    While we wait...

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I realise (and we at Pandemic also realise) that many of you may be stressed and upset while the devs do what need to be done to get the game we all love up and running.

    In the interim...for your delight and delectation...I would point out that there are, in fact, games that have been worse - even with features turned on!

    Enjoy :-D

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    well that was entertaining

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    Thanks for the laugh.
    Originally Posted by wolfmoonstrike:
    "...say chicken A is starting to mutate and seeds just don't work anymore and starts to eat animals. Chicken A then starts to mutate to become more predator like, sharp claws, more intelligent, and maybe even able to use individual feathers as darts (or just weapon)...
    Chicken B is faced with the same problem, mutating and seeds just aren't doing it anymore, but there are no animals around or even really veggies. So of all things it starts to eat rocks..."

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