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    Tribal Interactive Roleplay Story

    This scenario involves a lone wanderer entering the Lake Tahoe Basin to determine what exists there. All you role-players and role-play tribes feel free to join in as we create an interactive story.

    Dawn rose like thunder over the eastern mountains as Oakstead was peering over the ledge separating Emerald Cove from Lake Tahoe. The suddenness of the light caused him to instinctively duck.

    "Well, one can never be too careful these days" he thought as he laughed at himself.

    Peeking over the ledge again he began to wonder what that seemingly ancient time was like before the fires came that destroyed civilization, a time when food and clean water was abundant. He was hungry now and needed to go out to catch some ducks. Looking into the shadows still lingering beside the eastern mountains he saw it, a shimmering beam of light coming from nowhere yet pointing to a spot where he knew he should go. This beam had appeared often in his travels and it had always proven helpful .... yet he had no explanation for it. Another mystery in a new time full of mysteries.

    He had seen fires around the lake last night and was not sure if the people in this basin were friendly or hostile so he kept to the trees as he circled the lake towards his goal. Then he heard a sound .....

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    Re:Tribal Interactive Roleplay Story

    you know it would be cool if someone made a story like this out of actual in game events that happens to them

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