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    Exposure and Advertising Opportunities Available

    Does your tribe want a voice in the Basin?

    Over the next couple of weeks the New Vegas Brief will be intensively approaching tribes around the Tahoe Basin to conduct interviews in order to establish identities for tribes in the Community and News. Even if you have not been contacted already, the NVB is absolutely willing to publish interviews of any tribe that requests it! Do you feel like your tribe will be a major player in the Tahoe Basin? Want to warn other tribes to stay away, or let them know that you’re a group open to trade and civil interaction? A tribe interview in the New Vegas Brief is an excellent way to let the community know your intentions.

    To schedule an interview, simply pm Brando or Kroat on the Xsyon Forums

    Do you need to advertise your services to the masses?

    In addition, the New Vegas Brief will be running advertisements between articles for interested parties. Do you work out of your homestead to provide the finest leather armor in the basin? Or perhaps your tribe offers excellent security services for hire? Any game service will benefit from an ad in the New Vegas Brief by letting the community know about your unique capabilities! Also available are fully voiced ads on “The Outlands Radio”, a news and music radio station created specifically to service the Xsyon Community.

    To apply for an ad in the New Vegas Brief, pm Kroat on the Xsyon Forums. To apply for a voiced ad on “The Outlands Radio” pm Radison on the Xsyon Forums and we will work together with you to setup a compatible ad that demonstrates your unique and valuable services.

    Kroat, Editor-In-Chief
    New Vegas Brief and The Outlands Radio [url][/url]

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