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    Funny thread on

    Someone started this hilarious thread on mmorpg

    gave me a good laugh..

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    Xsyon Citizen Saorlan's Avatar
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    Yeah about as funny as pulling teeth out ....

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    guess if you're a fanboi, it might go a little over your head

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    Xsyon Citizen Saorlan's Avatar
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    No not a fanboi - the post was just utterly fail at being funny.

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    I thought it was



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    Now here's the type of stuff taht kills a game. Specially an Indie MMO. Its this type of atempt at humour by obviously unemployed people who, after capping every skill with macros during a beta test phase, go to external forums to rant, complain and degrade a game and its developers who are trully making a gigantic effort to have the game ready for launch. Then they make it worst by trying to pass it as comedy.

    Because of this types of attitudes, one individuals small mindness, pitiful existance and desire to be noticed puts in jeopardy hours/months of hard labour, scares potential new players and puts at risk the possibility of us (the ones out there that are trully part of this community, have waited months for this game and are trully making an effort to survive all the PRE-LAUNCH problems to show our support for the Dev team) enjoying the game we are looking forward to play.

    To every potential player that stumbles on this thread: Xsyon is really a good game with a lot of potential if you're into the non-theme park type of game. The game hasnt even released yet, so its bound to have limitations. Some might be able to cope with them, some obviously dont.
    But one thing I can garantee you. The WORST and most horrible thing you'll find in this game is its community.

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    I have to agree with redrazor. I have nothing against comedy but at this stage its a little mean-spirited (not to mention the post just wasn't very funny).

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    You can tell who the fanbois are. Although I want this game to succeed not noting its flaws is just idiotic.

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    I don't find most of it funny. I also think it's in poor taste for the timing. The game is in a pre-release state is it not? Is anybody's billing cycle counting down? Yeah, I want to play too, but I'm not going to take pot shots at them while some problems are happening. I'm not a fangrrl or anything either, it's just about 99% not funny.

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    That post was not supose to be funny but a complain by the poster, its still fairly funny tho, just depents how you look at it. to serious or relaxed and whit humor.

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