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    Monumental Structures

    So, I decided to make a thread on monumental structures. I see a lot of possibilities in making some really neat buildings out of terraformed land. I myself am planning to build


    right now, and am considering a couple of other possibilities. Anyone else gonna create anything? I think I read a thread where someone is gonna build a stadium to host battles in.

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    Dude, this is a great thread. I really look forward to seeing what gets posted here in the future.

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    I plan on building a complex of pyramids to act as trading/spiritual/and social hubs as well as helping in creating a huge highway connecting all the different parts around the lake

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    If I can gather enough scrap metal I'm gonna build The Sydney Harbour Bridge with a pub at each end just to give people a reason to use it

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    the last two posts made me lol irl.

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    how about some myan pyramids for human sacrifice?

    is it possible to build a bridge that spans over the center of the lake?

    stairs or walkways to get to the top of mountains easier.

    a giant wall built by a number of tribes to keep certain people away...that might be griefing but it sounds interesting. great wall of china type deal.

    a series of watch towers above the tree line

    the tower of babel?

    a canal that brings water to an area that has no water within easy reach

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