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    Hey Xsyon team,

    Would never complain, i love what you have done so far and wouldn't mind waiting at all. However i just wanted to get an idea as to how long you guys think the server will remain down for. I pulled a sicky from work today, only to find the server isn't up. I'm an oceanic player, was just hoping you could give me some insight.

    I don't mean to offend or be rude, just a simple question since i cannot find server status on the main webpage. I will probably just hang around here waiting for an answer. Anyone else can feel free to let me know aswell if you know.

    Thank Yooou!!!

    also wanted to check the time difference from when i posted this, cause it's 8:20am here!

    Does anyone have any idea as to how long it could be??

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    dat milk sho' is tasty

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    The server will be back up once the exploit issue (long names?) has been fixed. Someone just HAD to fuck it up for us. Oh well, I guess this has forced the team to fix a lethal exploit (long names?) from destroying the game.

    BTW Commissar Gromitovsky... YOU ARE SO HANDSOME OMG

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    Ahh ok and it went down at 3:00pm correct? Meaning it's only been 24 minutes???

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    it appears this isnt one of those 5-10 minute down-times. according to the page, to paraphrase, they've shut down the server at 3:00pm/6:00 eastern to take care of exploits and will turn the server back on when they come up with a patch. this could be the name exploit or...whatever. since i'm not a dev, i have no freakin clue. my guess is that we'll be back online within a few hours or so.

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    I hope that the team has Banned the Exploiters .. cause if you haven't you set a really bad precident for the future .........................

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    Im not sure what TZ you are in, but it went down sometime around 4:30-5:00 pm US central time.

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    Ahh few hours eek!!! Oh well hopefully it's fixed. BTW do you guys know if any of the features will be turned back on when the server goes up again?

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    Hey, fellow Aussie here (in Canberra). Luckily for me its Canberra day (most pointless holiday ever) so I didn't need to chuck a sickie.

    For the time stuff:

    midnight for the devs on the day of the launch (15th, tomorrow) is 6pm Tuesday for us.

    As for the server status, he just took it down to patch and fix an exploit and hopefully (not confirmed) turn on some features so we can do something other than place totems, forage and fish.

    Unfortunately for you i think you may have wasted your sickie as there is almost nothing to do ingame at the moment aside from what I said above.

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    No clue about the features. Maybe 2 hrs? (lol)

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