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    Those who wish to be online right now...

    ...Are obviously those who wish to leave macros on to gain an advantage over those who don't.

    This is clearly unfabulous behaviour and the AFG would like to point and laugh at you all as you become increasingly frustrated that you are unable to macro running/jumping, picking flowers (not that you could ever become as skilled as I at it) or fishing.

    Thank you.

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    your Sig makes me smile ! You are fabulous!

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    Hey I was wondering if you knew how to report in game if we see people obviously macroing?

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    I guess you could just use /h and talk to a guide when they got back to you.

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    you're obviously light in the loafers

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    Is this the same Sirius that applied to the AFG but was turned away due to making inappropriate and vexatious remarks?

    If so please return from whence you came foul person.

    Also Bagel, please take your trashy sensationalist tabloid nonsense out of this thread.

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    Commissar Gromitovsky for president.

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    Actually i want to be online to explore , look around, pick flowers and report the macro users.

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