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Thread: 7 More Days

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    7 More Days

    I am giving this game 7 more days. Then I am deleting it off my PC.

    It's already wasted too much of my RL time. And it's completely broken.

    Jordi, man the f up. Either fix your game, or throw up a web page to refund people's money, and take the game back into beta.

    This is an absolutely joke. You have dragged us around for almost a month now.

    -Big C

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    Good for you.

    In case you leave, see ya

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    You didn't specify any conditions for not deleting it. Are we to assume you are deleting it in 7 days no matter what? If so, why wait, and why announce it?

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    Can i have your flowers and fish?

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    Can I Haz your stuff ?

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    Way down deep in a bottle of ale...
    I have no flowers and fish.

    Just saying, if we are having this conversation in 7 days I am done. It's just been too much bullshit.

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    I've been waiting for you to quit for WEEKS.

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    fair enough complaint. i'm giving it a bit of time after the 15th just to be i've only signed up on the tenth of march. if its not up within a week or so after that, i'll be grabbing a refund as well. that's not unreasonable if you'll pardon the double negative. this is a product after all. we can agree that the product currently has issues, mael. while you and i suppose most others will stick around for quite a while, some of us won't. that's neither good , bad or indifferent. it's simply a tollerance level. mines a bit higher for stuff like this so i'm giving them a chance as they ARE a small company with limited people working on thier team.
    thier MISTAKE was making a timeline they couldnt keep. but like i said. not too worried. so far i think they'll come out fine. we should be online later on tonight and i'm expecting the game to run fine by the 15th with few if any issues. gotta keep that positive additude.

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    You have, what, 10 weeks of already paid for game time left?

    Try pretending you already deleted it, go do something else for a few hours/days/weeks, and then come back.

    I would suggest this easy solution to most people who would rather post hate/complaint/refund threads.

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