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    Rant - nobody cares - don't even read and move on.

    Jesus Christ. Seriously?

    So long names with spaces freaks should be shot in a virtual town square. You got nothing better to do while mommy is not watching the credit card use ? un-immaginative at best. Pre-pubescent turds!

    So I took time off to play this game on open - yeah - bad move. I know. I got excited like I haven't in a long, long time. Still am to be honest.... That in itself, considering the embarrasingly long MMORPG history, shoud be a statement in itself....

    Been in many games where someone's vision was compelling. Jossh, Rolf, Jordi, and I'm skipping the big dudes who didn't have the balls to put a name down (sony, bah - I'm done - sony) - but bottom line is this:

    Do we care ?

    Yes we do. Jordi and company had a vision. It was harder to implement than they thought but they got close. I only experienced 4 days in pre-wipe - and wow - loved it. Most of you gave blood and sweat and tears to get us all where we are now - thank you all ! I am pissed - I wanna play - I am frustrated - fishing ? really ? Gathering berries - get the !@#$!@#$ away from me !!!!

    But the orange voice logged in - really ? - never saw that before in other games - takes balls. They explained - we need to put in more piles - in remote places - isn't that what we were saying ? Why that before the features tho ? - because features will affect terrain - so we need to alter terrain first - Hate it. But it does make sense. And they explained it... growl.... can't really find fault past my dissapointment on that one...

    Then we got turds. And long names and spaces. Can we find where they live ? nah - that seems wrong. But lets be a community - let's totally destroy them when they log on. Let's show them they are not welcome here. They are not funny. They are in the way of fun - and frankly - they need to go elsewhwere.

    Let's be proud of our part of this equation - and lets start playing!!!

    yeah, yeah, I know, now I get flamed.


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    Too much to read. Just turn the damn game on.

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    Cry more ..

    Since I have been playing Jordi hasn't taken ONE day off trying to fix this game for us. What do you think he is just sitting there kickin it playing angry birds?

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    Oh god, I laughed so hard a tear came to my eye. THIS is what I've been waiting for. Hahahaha. Took time off work to play the pre-release "head start" and got shafted because the game sucks and can't handle simple bugs in character creation, so you go off on a tirade screaming about the injustices of the world and how you want to cause harm to the people who stumbled upon a bug that wound up getting fixed before the actual release where it could do real harm.

    Good shit! I actually sympathize with all the frustration there, but man... it's pretty hilarious that you took off work for this crap. lol

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    I see what you are saying - cool!!! But sometimes you - have - to take a pause - you know. Just give it some time and we'll be playing in no time!!! Have some faith - it won't go unrewarded. Why did you take time off today ? And not Tuesday ? Huh ? That is kind of weird - since all the features won't be up till Tuesday!!! Give it a go....

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    You have been able to have spaces in your name for awhile now and it hasn't crashed the server before. My toon's name like 2 weeks ago had a space in it. I actually thought I was bugged in character creation cause it didn't add a space though I had seen people's names with spaces. Lo and behold I held the spacebar a sec, the space went in and I was happy cause I had the "first and last" name I wanted. I ended up re-rolling that toon to stat differently and stayed with a single word name.

    The fact of the matter is the character creation screen should NOT have allowed a name with spaces or whatever else names are not suppose to have when you hit the "Check Name" button. This is not the fault of a player but a bad character creation function.

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    yes... like I said... day off - not the best idea in the world...

    But come one - the people who played with long names and spaces - why ????

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    I heard a guy named Benny was behind it.

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    That's funny, I have a reliable source that says Benny did it too.

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