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    [Every Day Normal Crew] Killing Hookers Since 1973

    WARNING: Excuse the incorrect grammer you may posible come in contact in this post.
    [Every Day Normal Crew]
    -Currently Recruiting
    -Must Have a Famouse Name, EXAMPLE: Brad Pit, Chris Angel, Dezel Washington
    -Must Have a Simalar Looking Character To Your Name
    -Not Anoying In Ventrilo And Has a Mic.

    Everything You Need To Know is In The Link Below.

    -If Interested Do One Of The Following
    -Pm BearGryllz in game
    -Pm MikeTyson in game
    -Pm CharlieSheen in game
    -If you reply to the threat we may not see it so xD

    Good Luck Fight Strong, Buy Hookers.

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    i approve, though your grammar makes me cry as always

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