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    The Irony of it all

    I have to laugh. For about 3 days now, the community has been complaining that 'all we can do is run and jump and fish.' We can't stand this the community says. Now that the system is down the community is 'where is the system, we want to run and jump and fish'

    very funny.

    The game is like a toothache. It hurts, but you keep touching it. Don't get me wrong, I'm in this very category. I wanna RUN, JUMP, and FISH now. I'll go back to complaining about getting things turned on when I can do these things.

    very funny!

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    Yeah frustrated people getting more frustrated. . bored people getting more bored. I am actually not either. . I am procrastinating and assuming things aren't running tomorrow either since I will have to do the work I am ignoring now. How sad is that. Tomorrow is the 14th though so I better get off these forums. . right after I refresh the updates page. . .again.

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    I'm doing constructive stuff with my time away from the game. Like writing lesson plans for the rest of the year and dreaming up new methods of tortu... I mean working on developing group activities so I don't have to talk so much. I'm also dreaming up new things I would put in a sandbox-esque emergent gameplay MMO, waiting for Infinity: The Quest for Earth to get near compliation so I can wait with even more anticipation, crying that Eve-Online doesn't have twitch-based combat or more interactive mining, and eating Reese's Puffs cereal while watching Jeremiah and refreshing the forum.

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    im learning how much i enjoy naps

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