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    server back up yall

    still no features other than added junk but the server is back up as of 7:04 pst 10:04 eastern.

    Welcome to Xsyon!

    The game server is currently up.

    Global chat has been disabled.

    We have patched out changes to the starting terrain area.
    Junk piles have been added throughout the starting zones.
    Terraforming, logging, construction and crafting will remain off
    until we are sure that are no problems with the updated terrain.

    If there are any problems with your totem floating or sunken
    due to slight terrain changes, please contact a Guide.

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    Yeah, thanks to the exploiters - another day wasted :/ Well cheers to the 15th - hopefully by then we can play the game instead of jumping, fishing, foraging, and swimming...

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    Going to miss the brain power of the global chat community.

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    Scavenging is still important too, you can start working on gathering your materials for crafts tomorrow or Tuesday.

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    Please don't create a thread to just quote what is said in Updates in the Announcement section.

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