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    Is everyone able to patch the client?

    Having issues patching, is this just a huge patch and is going to take over an hour or is my client bugged? Seems to stay on "Updating data/zone.xsip". Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    we are wondering the same thing

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    Same thing happening here.

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    Ah, glad I'm not the only one.

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    I'm having the same issue.

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    Patch for me 1.51Gb and slow approx 14Mb per 10 minutes

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    It's a 1.5Gb file. Guess it will take however long it takes for you to download 1.5Gb?

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    I'm downloading the patch with no problem right now. Every once in a while, it will tell me which zone I'm updating and such.
    I'm on TS, and some people are having issues downloading. I was the first one of my group to start the download and I haven't had any problem so far.

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    Ah alrighty, doesn't show me the size for some reason. Thanks for the information.

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    Yeah, I was going good for awhile was on 1137-1152 but then the patcher crashed so I had to restart, now stuck on Data\Zone.xsip

    And now it crashed again.

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