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    Redtail Tribe recruiting

    Redtail Tribe

    Redtail Tribe is looking for players with a sense of fun and an in-earnest style. We have big plans and intend to thrive and grow in Xsyon while enjoying ourselves along the way.

    We are:
    -Crafters, builders, hunters, warriors and (someday when it’s implemented) shamans
    -Good aligned, but geared up for any trouble
    -Welcoming to new players
    -Welcoming to mature players
    -Team players always willing to lend a tribe mate a hand

    Redtail is made up of homesteaders who joined together right here in Xsyon. New members can expect to count and make a difference. Both established solo homesteaders and new players just joining the game are welcome. We have starter kits of tools, skill books, and essential stuff to help new tribe mates get started.
    Language: English, or however you can make yourself understood
    Time Zones: Currently N. American time zones, GMT, GMT+2, and Australia
    Contact: Message us on our website (link in the sig below); PM me; whisper Periwinkle, Osirrus, Balakafalata or Jackelope in-game.

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    <bump> Good day to you fellow campers!

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    This needs a bump.

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    A bump today for a better tomorrow

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    Still inviting homesteaders!

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    bump from New Quahog

    We have had nothing but positive interactions with these guys. Best of luck redtail

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    Regularly scheduled bump.

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    Post updated!

    Don't forget to ask about our new member starter kits!

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    Bump for the new week.

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    Still active and better than ever! Check us out today!

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