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    Red face Skill Priorities

    Since the game is featuring a soft cap and skill decay, I have an idea for "Skill Priorities":

    - You manually or automatically (based on actions) list the skills and their priority they have.

    - Those towards the top have a lower skill decay (and could have a higher chance of craft or drop) than those at the bottom, they still decay but aren't as affected as much as the others.

    - You could only change the Priority List every week or so to avoid any exploitation.

    - Encourages players to focus on certain skills and professions, solo or in a tribe, while they still can max all.

    - Would most likely help out the economy as players would have a focus in tribes and would encourage you to trade with others and other tribes based on their focus.

    - Still if someone wants to have every skill maxed, they could.

    - Still is purely a skill based system, but helps against the grind and promotes a healthy economy.

    What do guy's think of this idea?

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    I think the current system is perfect, if you do it- it goes up- if you don't do it - it goes down.

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