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    Exclamation Xsyon launcher not responding:

    Attempting to patch up the game, and the launcher keeps locking up, while updating zone.xsip. Several times now. Any suggestions?

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    I've had the same thing happen to me, I get about 50mb downloaded and then it crashes.

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    I had the same problem... I uninstalled and am redownloading a fresh game as i type, but I'm only getting like 100 KBs. So guess im not playing today.

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    Well... kept trying, finally got it to connect. Got a bit over 250 Mb of data, then it just dropped. Back to updating data\zone.xsip without any indication of data xfer. Good thing Homefront is launching on the 15th. It'll give me something to do while the kinks are worked out here.

    I'm really hoping that NG is successful with Xsyon. We all really need a sandbox... and I cant wait to make people eat mud pies.

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    yep same here, it just sits there then drops, over and over, guess back to dark fall for now

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    Same here... I think the problem is due to connection reset , but this time it is different , previously once patcher starts to update we used to see how many megs we r receiving, Once we get disconnected (and reconnect) the patcher indicates how much more we still need (so we reconnect over and over till we get a full patch). Only this time we do not know how many times we have to reconnect till we get a patch complete . So I would like to get an answer from the DEVS:
    1) How big is the new patch
    2) Is it possible for u to update the patcher (a newer version) so we get to know anything about the data downloaded and the data we still have to unload

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    Try reading the Prelude Talk section - it has all your answers.

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