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    Unhappy Reinstalled and now I am having problems!

    So after today's down time I tried for 2 hours to patch the game but it kept freezing(Program not responding) while patching. So I said "Meh probably a corrupted file, to bad there is no repair.exe..." so I uninstalled it and reinstalled it. But now the patch is only downloading at like 20kbps... The other day when I first bought and installed it I was getting around 300-400kbps download speeds. At first I thought it was my connection but after a few ping tests that turns that that is not the case. So I am just wondering whats up with the slow download speeds all of a sudden.

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    big patch many downloading

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    It doesn't help that you dont have to subscribe in order to download so there are probably a bunch of people downloading the game with out an account.

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