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    Gathering and scavanging on?

    I'm still patching but I heard gathering and scavanging are on. True / false? Thanks in advance.

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    Add in if PvP is disabled still as well, plskthnx.

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    we can still wave to each other...

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    Its impossible to know with all the trolling going on both on IRC and in here, you have to see it for yourself

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    ooo trolls in IRC??? WINNING! hehe

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    Resourse gathering and Basketry is on according to

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    /me quits his job and runs home to make baskets

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    Scavenging, gathering, and crafting are on. Construction and terraforming are off. Not sure about PvP or logging.

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    What about the lag? I'm trying to download the patch but i suppose it'll take the whole day u.u

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    I need somewhere to store all the damn fish.

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