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    The Raven's Nest Tribe

    We are a good alligned tribe made up of crafters and PvPers. We have active players from the US and Austrailia.

    We are a tribe where people can work together to enjoy the world. We want to have fun in the world and help each other whenever and with whatever we can. (No questions are ever silly questions) The Tribe has common goals but how you choose to contribute is up to you.

    We have detailed local maps available to our Tribe members to help them find their way in our confusing world.

    We also have a vent server.

    If you want any more info please PM me or leave a message on our furum.

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    Raven's Nest tribe is open for new players and remains an active tribe. We are also looking for players who would enjoy engaging the Templars (evil alligned) in PVP.

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    Still looking for members.

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