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    looking for a casual tribe

    hello all,

    im looking or a casual tribe/guild.
    i got alot of changing shifts, so il be on late in the evening or early in the morning or parts of the night

    il be an toolcrafter when we can.

    thanks allready,


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    You can come in my homestead. My ingame name is Miyukini too. I'm near Sugarpine. I wish to make a market place for crafters, builders and traders.

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    pm sent.............

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    All I say is check us out here and join our coms and if you like pvp crafting then think no more.. we eat children on our good days

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    Check out Divided Allegiance, we do not have some of the hardcore rules some people may have, you can play, when you play its your game we don't pay for your account you do, our motto is simple real life first, we have been around since 1999 started in asheron call, we are a multi- gaming community as we just expanded, our playerbase.

    If you have in the tribe one day for 1year we treat you with the respect and we do not ignore our members , your not a number , we also will not mass/zerg recruit like some tribes have been doing as we like to get to know our members, its kinda hard to do that with 80 people in your tribe we plan to keep our numbers lower than most as I stated we like to get to know members for many years, we have members who been with us for 12yrs.

    We also only allow mature players in our tribe,we do have vent, and brand new forums so check us out. Pm me for more info I will be happy to talk to you.

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    Cant get more casual than us
    Check the link and get back to me here or in game if you are interested

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