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    Patcher now seems to be down, unconnectable

    as of 8:45 EST (5:45 PST I think) Patcher seems to not wanna connect; anyone else having this problem

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    Yep, I woke up to find my patcher timed out during last night and I can't connect now. So sad, was looking forward to scavaging Now I have to work without playing...

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    Same problem, occurred just a few minutes ago for me.

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    Same here. Fortunately, I am used to not being able to play at all. lol


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    I just tried the Euro patcher; seems to have fixed it for me. You guys may wanna try that

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    I'm patching at this moment... Not fast but it's doing it's job. First time using the client btw !

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    Euro patcher takes 10x as long as US patcher, also same issue is occurring with me....

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    3 hrs = 30 mb for me w/ 5 dc's

    10mb x 10 = 100 mb @ 10 hrs
    100 mb x 10 = 1 gb @ 100 hrs

    1 work week = 40 hrs
    etc etc....

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    220mb so far in ~30 mins so it's not that slow (thats on Euro)
    I got 150mb left gunna watch another hulu show

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    Euro patcher for me is less than 1mb per minute. Damn lucky I only have 100mb to go, if it doesn't crash and roll back on me again.
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