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    Stop downloading the game!

    There are a few felow gamers that are almost done downloading and are setting up a torrent here. With a little help from us they will be able to download the patch faster. They have less then 100 Mb left.

    I aborted downloading and it crashed my laucher :P

    Let's all work together. No need to download for over 10 hours. Just wait for the torrent to appear. ETA is 1,5 hours for the torrent to appear on the boards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ModEzekiel
    Nice try with the thread saver, but closing thread for either misleading topic or post content.

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    Good for them!..

    Why should I stop my download for that? Unless you get the whole community currently downloading to stop, you won't see any improvements.
    Trying to get this community to stop anything once they've begun.. Lol. Is impossible

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    I think a better idea would be if they would get the US patcher up and running.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crysent View Post
    I think a better idea would be if they would get the US patcher up and running.
    Quoted for truth. Also, I would get more than 200kb/s. So it's an "I Win" button.

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    I will seed this at a decent rate from my FiOS connection too if someone will just upload it and post the tracker.

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