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    Jordi, switch to the Mindcraft model?

    Your product runs fantastic with 100 clients.

    How about switching to the Mindcraft business model?

    Let us download and host our own servers, with 100 player caps. You need the client to play, keep it at 40 dollars.

    We set time or goals, leader boards, history, and restart/wipe when an "end" has been reached. Would make for interesting ongoing content. With the Terraforming that already exists, now or altered maps could be constructed. Individual server rule sets for conquest and territory control. Removal of save zones, or not, etc.



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    I personally hate this. If they can't make the game an MMORPG I won't be playing; but I highly doubt this suggestion will be taken seriously.

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    For crying out loud BC, we get it. Now leave and don't come back. Your incessant whining is just childish now.

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    No. We need the game fixed to work as intended, a big huge MMO with thousands of people all around - different tribes doing things in their own ways, fighting it out, etc. It's not a Minecraft like game. We didn't all purchase it to play a Minecraft game. Give them some time to fix the hiccups already.

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    BC if I wanted to play Minecraft id be freaking playing Minecraft! This is an MMO and switching to such a limited number of people like that would just kill the game for me and a lot of others! Not to mention do you know how empty the world would be if there were only 100 people???!?!?!

    The idea is bad!

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