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    Mosaic Tribe Recruiting

    Alignment: Good, Karma, Law


    To build a mosaic, one must have many different pieces. Mosaic stands for a collaboration of those differences. We consider each person as a unique individual and will have their own ideas and personal strengths to incorporate into the tribe.

    Each member will be supported by their tribal family and are free to grow to their personal potential in any way they choose. As a group, we will work to further the tribe. Each person will have their own voice and no individual will be ignored or taken for granted.


    Mosaic is an avid supporter of individuality and wants each member to be able to grow in any area of the game they prefer (within the tribe alignment).

    You are free to explore, grow, build, craft, or kill so long as it doesn’t take away from another member’s game experience.

    We hope to build a team oriented tribe that works together and strives to help each other reach their goals.


    -To build a productive and well defended town.
    -To further every aspect of the community.
    -To ally ourselves with other peaceful tribes with similar ideologies.
    -To protect our members, our tribe, our home.
    -Establish trade, technology, and familiarity with the region and other tribes.

    Recruitment Requirements’:

    -Vent Access (we have a server). We prefer that you have a mic.
    -Mature attitude
    -Ability to type full sentences (abbreviations are ok, just not all the time)
    -Dedicated, but relaxed environment.
    -Team Oriented


    We have played in many building/political/crafting games over the years and have met many wonderful people in our travels. We hope to meet more here. Join us!

    PM me if you are interested in joining.

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    Re:Mosaic Tribe Recruiting

    Proud to be a member of the Mosaic Tribe!

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    Re:Mosaic Tribe Recruiting

    Interesting I look forward to seeing you guys in game.

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    Re:Mosaic Tribe Recruiting

    Heya Everyone, When you have applied, send me a message to start on a custom tag if you're interested. Can't wait to see ya in game.

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    Re:Mosaic Tribe Recruiting

    Good luck, and nice sig, guys !

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    Re:Mosaic Tribe Recruiting

    Thanks Jadzia, hope to be able to work together in game

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    Re:Mosaic Tribe Recruiting

    Baysic wrote:
    Thanks Jadzia, hope to be able to work together in game
    I'm looking forward to it

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    Re:Mosaic Tribe Recruiting

    Jadzia wrote:
    Good luck, and nice sig, guys !
    Thanks Always love doing graphics and sigs. Can't wait till we can design our own ingame graphics. Love that they implemented the idea of having that kind of individuality.

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    Re:Mosaic Tribe Recruiting

    Thanks for the appreciation on the sig. Zarian is our artist and does an amazing job. Good luck to you too Jadzia, look forward to seeing you in game.

    ---Just as an FYI to everyone reading, there are 3 of us currently and we need more to complete a Tribe.

    We are a solid group, very active and want to get more into the tribe as soon as we can. We have played games like Wurm and ATITD and are very familiar with building and protecting towns as well as dealing with economy issues. We have also played most of the popular other MMO's which I won't mention here (we have heard all their names countless times).

    Please contact me via personal message. Happy to answer any and all questions.

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    Re:Mosaic Tribe Recruiting

    Good Group of people, Look forward to tackling the game with them =D

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