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Thread: Hermits housing

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    Hermits housing


    I have a question regarding solo players. Is it possible to build and have your own house without a tribe ?


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    I think it is possible. You can set up a homestead on your own, though it isn't recommended.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vander View Post
    though it isn't recommended.
    LOL yea tribes dont like homesteads because they take up lands the tribe might want but yea make a homestead and you can build in a small radius (think its 60m)

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    Yes you can build a house solo although it will take some time to get to that point but theres plenty of out of the way places that the larger groups aren't interested in because of the limited open areas that they need.

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    You'll find lots of places up in the mountains where people set up homesteads all around scavenging mounds. Find a neighbor who has some skills you need and set up shop.

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    It is possible but would be really boring.

    MMOs are kind of like sex - much better with others - the more the better lol.

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    Yes you can build on a homestead - homesteads are tribes for 1-4 people. You are limited in room so to get your architecture skill up you might have to build, dismantle, and build again.

    There are also some other things to take into consideration - personally I made sure to take fishing so I could feed myself easily. If you are truly going to try and solo you want to make sure to find some suppliers in your area early on because having baskets and tools available makes life so much easier.

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